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Tiny Babe- Full Porcelain German Doll


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Tiny Babe is a full porcelain German Doll , 7inches (18cms). Clothing is crochet in old rayon yarn (70's/*80's) in a bullion stitch includes  dress, bonnet, under-skirt (contrast colour) and shoettes. Pink ribbon is threaded throughout.
Doll is holding a small porcelain doll.
This doll is signed on the back of its head by Natascha. Handmade Porcelain Doll, created by me, I poured her, fired her bisque, painted her face, not one doll I create is the same they are unique, Individual, made to fall in love with, a true collectable a wonderful gift for someone who has it all!  I lovingly crochetted her outfit, styled her handmade wig, to create a doll someone would love. The original mould is becoming hard to get, she manufactured in Germany in the early 1900's for the toy market...of the times. A dear little doll I fell in love with and would love to share ...... packaged for shipping so can travel and not break with careless handling to a point, if she does fall out of a plane and body parts are broken I can once again send them.......and give the instructions, plus the stringing parts so once again she can be whole again!

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